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Pricing Careers is a unique pricing industry job website that lets pricing professionals separate themselves from the crowd and recruiters find the exact pricing skills and experience they need.

If you are a working in or are tasked with finding talent for the following disciplines – then you are in the right place.

  • Pricing Analysis, Strategy, Execution, and Administration
  • Pricing Technology Development, Product Management or Implementation
  • Pricing Analysis, Forecasting, Optimization,and Statistics

We don’t just have a list of jobs and a database of resumes.

We provide resources include the following types of thought leadership or examples:

  • Sample Job Descriptions
  • Organization Structures

  • Pricing Council Structures
  • Academic Programs
  • Training Programs
  • Pricing Certifications
  • Cartoons & Quotes
  • And More…

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Assessing pricing talent is not easy and having a chance to see examples of their work and thought leadership is invaluable to a recruiter searching for a very specific skill set and unique experience.

Here from pricing professionals as they share their insights and experience. Our members are willing to share their knowledge about specific pricing technology, product types or industry, or geographic complexities, strategies, and tactics.

Our members have examples of the following types of thought leadership linked or cited in their profiles:

  • Academic Papers
  • Reports & Studies
  • Blog Articles
  • Journal Articles
  • Book Reviews
  • Tech Reviews
  • Training Reviews
  • Event Reviews
  • And more…

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