About Us

Pricing Careers is a unique pricing industry resource where exceptional pricing professionals separate themselves from the crowd and recruiters find the pricing skills/experience they need.

Our Mission

Thousands of companies struggle to satisfy their growing need for team members with proven pricing strategy, analysis, execution, management enforcement, etc… skills and experience. You have come to the right place to get starting promoting your job openings in front of both job hunting and passive candidates.

Pricing-Careers.com offers recruiters a very affordable way to source top pricing talent with a specific pricing skill set, certifications, experience with specific pricing tools, or other key attributes that will be the best fit for your company.

Our resume submission process results in a comprehensive overview of a potential candidate's pricing skills and industry experience while also offering an easy way to assess pricing talent. Push qualified applicants to your company website or 3rd party's job postings, have resumes submitted to an email, or manage applicants with our built in candidate management tool.

We are also dedicated to compiling valuable continuing education, technology, and organizational/team related thought leadership content as an added benefit for hiring managers and pricing professionals alike.

Our Value

If you are tasked with finding talent or a hiring manager for the following disciplines/skill sets – then you are in the right place.

  • Pricing Analysis, Strategy, Execution, Management, and Administration
  • Pricing Technology Development, Product Management, and Implementation
  • Pricing Analytics, Forecasting, Optimization, and Statistics

Assessing pricing talent is not easy and having a chance to see examples of their work and thought leadership is invaluable to a recruiter searching for a very specific skill set and unique experience. Our resume submission process results in a more comprehensive overview of a potential candidate's pricing skills and industry experience while also offering an easy way to look into their own thought leadership content.

Get to know how a potential candidate thinks as they share their insights, experience, and knowledge about pricing technology implementations, product, industry, or geographic complexities, as well as strategies and tactics.

Our members have examples of the following types of thought leadership linked or cited in their profiles:

  • Academic Papers
  • Reports & Studies
  • Blog Articles
  • Journal Articles
  • Books
  • Presentations
  • Etc… 


We don’t just have a list of jobs and a database of resumes.

We provide resources including the following types of thought leadership or examples:

  • Organization Structures
  • Pricing Council Structures
  • Academic Programs
  • Training Programs
  • Pricing Certifications
  • Cartoons & Quotes
  • And More…

Read a collection of great pricing thought leadership articles in our Pricer’s Points blog series.  Find out what/how your peers or potential hires are thinking about the latest challenges and opportunities in the pricing field.